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3 Steps to Remove Toxic Habits, Uncover Unconscious Beliefs and Manifest Your Ideal Life

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I used to chase freedom. Doing anything to get a taste of it. Getting drunk. Getting high. Having sex. Popping pills. Gambling. Going traveling. Playing music.

Yes I found a glimpses of freedom in those things. But it never lasted. It was always fleeting. And it wasn’t real freedom.

Because when the music stopped and the buzz wore off, all of my shit was still there. All of my fear. All of my doubt. All of my insecurities. All of my debt. All of my shame. All of my emotional wounds.

I finally realized what I really wanted was true freedom. Ultimate freedom. The kind of freedom that only comes from doing to the inner work of healing and reclaiming my power. And it begins by removing the distractions and escape mechanisms that are keeping you stuck.

I did it for myself and I can tell you it is absolutely magical on the other side. If you want to achieve Ultimate Freedom from toxic habits, negative thoughts, and limiting beliefs, let’s connect.

I will help you map out a custom strategy to get you there faster.

Client Testimonials

John Simmonds

“I’ve used alcohol as an extremely poor coping mechanism for far too long. I wasn’t sure how I was going to get out of this rut, as I had a lot of pain to numb. Patrick had been vocal about his battle with the booze and I witnessed his enthusiastic transformation and how his light began to shine like I’ve never seen before. I might not be going too far to say that Patrick Cooke saved my life, and he’s the kind of guy who’d shrug that off and put it on me simply for doing the work. And he’d beam with joy as he did that, because that’s the guy that he is.”

Thomas Tyler

"Working with Patrick has been incredibly beneficial to me artistically, emotionally, and spiritually. Patrick is very intuitive and knowledgeable when it comes to the determinants of human behavior. He helps me clear the clutter and noise to pinpoint exactly how I want life to look, and then helps me to create a map with the exact steps it takes to get there. He won’t tell you anything, but instead helps you learn how to hear your wise inner voice that already has the answers you seek. If you want to get to know yourself on a deeper level and truly design the life of your dreams, Patrick can help you discover how to get there. He’s a special person with a special gift, and he’s a friend for life that I am very grateful for."

Haruka Bird

“I'm so grateful for your magical coaching and this magical space you have created Patrick. It's only because you have been so authentic and supportive yourself that we are able to let our vulnerable and dark parts express themselves. You are truly gifted as a life coach and I'm so glad I followed my intuition and worked with you!”

Book Your ULTIMATE FREEDOM Strategy Call (FREE!)